Economical store brands and alternative brands

Brand quality at an attractive price

Particularly when it comes to older vehicles, repair and maintenance costs must be proportionate to the vehicle value. Our store brands offer price-conscious motorists and workshops safety-tested brand quality at an attractive price.

– vehicle parts

repstar is the ideal solution for the fair value-based repair of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. The repstar range includes all important wear parts - from batteries and filters to wipers and brake pads.

 – motor oils

masteroil stands for premium quality that is "Made in Germany". masteroil engine oils are available in all prevalent viscosities and in a range of containers. All oils are approved by the major automakers.

 – chemicals and maintenance

mastercare is an affordable alternative for chemical products used in automobiles, commercial vehicles and in the workshop. Whether antifreeze, vehicle cleaning or skin care - all mastercare products are of high quality and are specially tailored to the needs of the workshop.

 – tools and workshop equipment

monochrom is TROST's high-quality private brand for tools and workshop equipment. The monochrom range includes over 200 different items – from electric and pneumatic tools through exhaust gas analysers to two-post lifts. Relevant services, such as maintenance and training, are also included in the package.

As a further private brand, monochrom supplements the redline range with standard versions of proven products and statutory warranty services.

– brake parts

Remsa is the European market leader for the production of accessories and spare parts in OEM quality for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. The brake part range authorised by the German Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV) comprises more than 3,000 items, from brake pads to brake shoes. The range has attained a market coverage of 99%.

Additionally, Remsa offers two kits: the Remsa "Twin Kit", containing discs and pads, and the "Super Precision Kit", which includes all the parts needed to install the drum brake.


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