TROST services

Competent support for the daily workshop routine

Individually, professional, unique – TROST supports customers with attractive services and expert advice on a full range of topics related to motor vehicles. This gives workshops everything they need to meet the rising demands being placed on them by customers, technology and the market.

TROST provides the following services:

  • Diagnostics

    Expertise and state-of-the-art specialist knowledge go hand-in-hand

    Motor vehicle businesses face new challenges every day. The continuing development of automotive engineering and electronics requires increasingly complex diagnostic and information systems for maintenance and repairs. Due to issues such as connected car, drive assistance systems, the diversity of standards and environmental regulations, and rising expectations in service quality, modern workshops need to respond to continuous change.


    High-level professional training

    For this reason, along with the latest technical equipment, staff expertise and knowledge are essential factors in a company's success. To meet this need, TROST supports its partners not only with workshop concepts and workshop equipment, but also with education and professional training. In addition to certified training and advanced educational series, TROST offers daily, hands-on support through technical hotlines, the knowledge database repnet and local experts. Direct collaboration with OEMs and organisations such as TÜV and DEKRA guarantee top-level training.

    All this allows service quality and technical and diagnostic competence to be optimised in workshops.

  • Workshop equipment service

    TROST equips workshops with the necessary instruments for diagnostics and repair, and ensures that they are always ready for use.

    More than 50 consultants, 80 service technicians and 40 office-based sales representatives advise and support motor vehicle workshops on the pre-installation, start-up and maintenance of equipment, enabling some 25,000 orders to be processed annually. On open workshop days, the machines, equipment and tools on display can be tested by visitors.


    At TROST, workshop operators are consulted individually regarding the equipment in their workshops. Every year, TROST service technicians deliver and install several thousand car lifts, engine testers and tyre service devices.


    TROST provides both instruction and training for new equipment. As an added bonus, the maintenance contract always guarantees a smooth operation. All devices are checked once a year and, if necessary, repaired.


    Service numbers

    Workshop equipment

    Our hotline is at your disposal at the following numbers for any questions related to workshop equipment:

    Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Sales: +49 800 3971 000
    Customer service: +49 800 5558 835
    Free-call fax: +49 800 8855 566


    Our hotline is at your disposal at the following numbers for any questions related to warranties:

    Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Service: +49 800 3256 655
    Free-call fax: +49 800 5891 652

  • repdoc

    The repdoc parts and equipment catalogue is based on an extensive database that includes millions of entries. It supplies product and vehicle data, work values and settings, inspection data and repair instructions. About 2.5 million parts can be ordered directly through the repdoc parts catalogue – regardless of whether they are automotive parts, tools, workshop equipment or workshop supplies. 150,000 items can also be delivered overnight. The catalogue can be fully integrated into the repdoc workshop software. This enables all working processes to be managed conveniently from a single system.

    The repdoc workshop software allows all the business processes to be easily regulated in the modern workshop. The standard version already supports all the processes of a professional automotive workshop, from order intake and time recording to the monitoring of incoming payments. The professional version also enables you to coordinate processes in the areas of auto sales and fleet support. The software is an interface to all major information systems in the automotive industry. Detailed information on repdoc is available here or can be downloaded.

    The repdoc app is the perfect complement to the catalogue and workshop software. In addition to all the key functions, it offers two additional features: mobile direct reception for damage assessment and bar code scanning capability.

  • repnet – knowledge database

    Detailed solutions for nearly any problem case

    repnet gives you access to a comprehensive knowledge base that stores solutions collected from hotline practice. This expertise is available every day, around the clock. By keeping up-to-date information and a clear structure, a simple, reliable search without waiting time is guaranteed.

  • repline – technical hotline

    Immediate assistance for passenger car and commercial vehicle problems

    On the technical hotline TROST workshop partners receive fast and targeted assistance from over 40 diagnostic experts when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. In order to support the debugging, the technicians can, upon request, access to the diagnostic equipment of the workshop during the personal call. In difficult cases, TROST even provides its Flying Doctor Service for on-site support.

  • repmaster – practical trainings

    Training by certified trainers

    The repmaster training programme ensures practical and market-oriented knowledge transfer in the areas of automobiles, commercial vehicles, operational organisation and legal issues. All the training sessions are consistently oriented toward the needs of the workshop and include both a theoretical part and work directly on the vehicle. The sessions are conducted on-site at over 90 locations by certified trainers.

    Annually over 1600 training sessions are provided through the training platform. Here TROST offers workshops current information on the training programme range. By searching for a specific postcode or training location training sessions can be individually packaged and booked.

  • repcom

    Professional advertising in just a few clicks

    The online portal repcom facilitates the use of professional advertising for workshops. In just a few clicks, advertisements, flyers and business stationery can be easily designed and directly transmitted for printing. All promotional materials have a uniform, professionally designed appearance. This saves workshops time and money.

    Advertisements can even be placed directly via the portal. repcom gives you access to publishing houses, radio stations and billboard locations throughout Germany with the associated prices and availability dates.

  • Returns & warranties

    Merchandise returns:

    If the ordered goods are damaged or incomplete when they arrive, hassle-free returns are possible after consulting with the responsible branch. Returns of used parts and products that are no longer needed must be registered in the repdoc catalogue. Only complete and undamaged merchandise boxed in the original package will be accepted for return.


    TROST provides quick and comprehensive service in the event of a warranty claim. If a product is defective, the case will be handled with the manufacturer in a timely manner. An additional plus is that defective goods will be picked up within one day - free of charge. Following the acceptance of the warranty claim, the workshop will receive a credit, an exchange or the repaired original product back. The warranty only applies to built-in parts and workshop equipment.

    Questions can be answered on the following hotline:

    Telephone: 0800 3256 655
    Free-call fax: 0800 5891 652
    or via e-mail.

    The hotline is available on Monday – Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and on Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The order form for the warranty claim can be found here.

    Disposal of packaging:

    Pursuant to the 5th amendment of the Packaging Ordinance, companies that distribute packaging are obliged to dispose of it once it has been put into circulation. TROST customers can benefit from having their empty containers picked up free of charge by the manufacturers' disposal partners. PARTSLIFE is responsible for the disposal of other wastes. The organisation offers commercial customers the option of legally-compliant waste disposal. End consumers, i.e. non-commercial customers, can bring packaging back to the distributor, i.e. to the respective branch. This also applies to waste oil.

    Branded lubricants from Motul can be disposed of through the Motul disposal project "The Green Concept ".