Legal Notices

Legal Notices on issues concerning own contents and external links

The responsible party is a service provider within the meaning of section 7 of the Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz) and as such responsible under general laws for its own contents which it provides for use. Own content is to be distinguished from links to content made available by other providers. The responsible party makes third-party content available for use by means of links marked as such.

"Links", however, are always references to "living" (dynamic) contents. When the link was first set up the responsible party examined the external content to establish whether it might possibly trigger civil or criminal law liability. The responsible party does not, however, constantly check the content to which links on its own website refer for changes which could provide new grounds for liability. Only if the responsible party establishes, or is informed by others, that specific content to which it has provided a link triggers liability under civil or criminal law will it remove the reference to this content.


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