repdoc catalogue and workshop software

repdoc facilitates your daily workshop activities – from mobile direct reception directly at the vehicle to a quick search and identification of spare parts to control of the fundamental processes in a workshop.

The complete solution for the daily workshop routine

repdoc is TROST's electronic information system covering all the information needs in daily working practice.

It consists of the repdoc parts and technology catalogue, an extensive database with millions of entries and the repdoc workshop software that controls all work processes in the workshop. The repdoc app is a mobile supplement that has been available since early 2015.


Parts and technology catalogue

The repdoc parts and technology catalogue offers all the data and information required for repairs. At the touch of a button, it provides item and vehicle data, work values and setting, inspection data and repair instructions. It is always up-to-date. A total of 2.5 million parts can be searched for quickly and easily before being selected and ordered.

The repdoc catalogue is ready for immediate use and can be used without prior knowledge. The free text search makes finding data as quick and easy as googling. As the catalogue can be fully integrated into the repdoc workshop software, all work processes can be conveniently managed with just a single program.


Key data:

  • Product specifications: 5.5 million
  • Vehicle data for cars: 60,000
  • Vehicle data for commercial vehicles: 17,000
  • Engine data: 20,000
  • Suppliers: 600
  • Technical specifications for cars: 800,000
  • Technical specifications for commercial vehicles: 400,000
  • Work values for cars: 60 million
  • Work values for commercial vehicles: 7.6 million


Workshop software

The modern repdoc workshop software helps workshops manage their daily work operations. From quotations and ordering through tyre storage to invoices or payment reminders – even in the standard version, the workshop software provides support in every area.

repdoc Professional contains even more, including the regulation of business processes in the vehicle sales and fleet support areas. Interfaces to all key information systems in the automotive industry and additional modules that are tailored to specific workshop needs ensure a high degree of flexibility.

The repdoc app

The repdoc app is the perfect complement to the catalogue and workshop software. Along with a full range of key functions, it provides further features which are useful when you're on the go. These include mobile direct reception for damage assessment directly at the vehicle and the ability to scan barcodes, e.g. for spare parts or repdoc receipts.The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Further information about repdoc is also collected on YouTube.