The right brand for every type of workshop

TROST brand partner concept

When selecting their workshop, motorists not only place an emphasis on technical competence. They are particularly interested in a well-known name which inspires trust and promises quality.

Not least for this reason, workshops need to meet the wishes and expectations of their customers, along with all the current technical requirements. For these reasons, TROST offers independent workshops five brand partner concepts: AUTOFIT, AutoAuto and 1a autoservice. The right brand strategy exists for every type of workshop.


TROST workshop concepts at a glance

AUTOFIT is an international brand that stands for a trusting relationship between customers and experts – based on the combination of competence and personal appreciation.


1a autoservice offers one of the densest workshop networks in Germany and Austria. 1a autoservice customers benefit from technical assistance and modern marketing concepts.


AutoAuto is the universal all-round brand. It enables workshops to position themselves as pure repair shops or to offer further automotive services.




Service modules

All the workshop concepts are based on common service modules in the fields of technology, business and communication. These are tailored to the individual needs of the workshop.

Technology service module: The brand partner receives access to the repline technical hotline, the repnet online knowledge database and repmaster practical training.

Business service module: The brand partner receives access to the repdoc parts and technology catalogue and workshop software, as well as to exclusive services, such as a mobility guarantee, insurance policies, financing and workshop replacement vehicles.

Communication service module: The brand partner receives access to the repcom online advertising platform.


The workshop concepts team would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.