The professional commercial vehicle brand

The TRUCKFIT workshop concept

TRUCKFIT is the professional commercial vehicle brand with a multifaceted, full-service concept. It meets the permanently increasing demand for technical and business expertise in commercial vehicle workshops.

With its commercial vehicle concept TRUCKFIT, TROST provides a complete service package with technology and business service modules.

Technology service module: The TRUCKFIT partner receives access to the repline technical hotline, repnet knowledge database and repmaster practical training, which has been specially designed for commercial vehicle pros.

Business service module: The TRUCKFIT partner receives access to the repdoc parts and technology catalogue and the repdoc workshop software. In addition, the partner benefits from exclusive services, such as a mobility guarantee.

TRUCKFIT brand partners also have access to the communication service module. This includes access to the repcom online advertising platform.

The workshop concepts team would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.